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Secure Transportation
When we say luxury, it does not refer only to our vehicles, but also on our service done by our Security Professionals. Security Drivers who are above all, trained Close Protection Operatives with many different skills and qualifications, as for example First Aid and Pediatric Health Care qualification. XS INTERNATIONAL WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF CORPORATE & LUXURY TRAVEL
It is our goal to ensure a close working relationship with our corporate clients. Our efforts are focused on learning the priorities and preferences of our corporate clients to ensure accuracy and simplicity for future trips.

We know that business never stops, so our 24-hour availability provides our clients with the flexibility and prompt attention required for worry-free transportation. At XSTM we listen to your particular requirements and have the capability to tailor our system to your specific needs.
Your primary focus should always be on the events you are attending during your trip, so XSTM works hard to ensure travel needs do not interrupt that focus. With our services, you will be on time for every meeting and you will arrive without any unnecessary frustration from travel complications, but also, you will arrive in style. German Discipline, French Style The Super Yacht transportation services provided by XS Travel Management are carried out with high safety standards, which allows the owners, guests and crew to transport everyone who stays on the yacht in complete discretion, that the vehicle with the driver is available every minute and near the yacht 24 hours a day.

Adequate assistance and effective protection will be also provided to passengers wishing to go ashore during a cruise. So there’s no need to feel too disturbed if anyone onboard has to take a short detour.
They will be adequately taken care of.
Simply put, we can provide you with your own personalised fleet of vehicles that you can use to transport your clients to your office, to their home, to the airport or a hospitality venue.

As well as a chauffeur service, we also provide bodyguard and residential security service, meaning that your clients get three services in one!
At XS Travel Management we are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality travel services to ensure that you get to your destination feeling relaxed, safe and confident.

One of the services we provide is a personal driving service, or we can provide you with a corporate membership option, ensuring that you give your clients the perfect experience and get them to their destination in style!
Looking for a company that can provide you with not only chauffeur, but security detail too?

In the past you would have to hire two separate businesses to fulfil both needs but now, you only need one!

Would you rather use a Protective Transportation service done by Executive Protection trained driver or by Chauffeur with a standard Taxi or Limousine service?

Security driving is more than driving a vehicle. It requires the skill and knowledge to move a principal from point A to point B in a safe and secure manner and a variety of environments. In fact, security driving is more accurately called secure transportation, which encompasses in-depth knowledge and a measured level of skill to conduct route surveys, recognize and develop safe havens, create alternate-route plans, and develop emergency evacuation plans. Advanced first-aid skills are also essential. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service, a prestigious caliber of drivers and the convenience of a 24 hour customer service personnel.


Sitting in the back seat of the vehicle is not like sitting at the desk in your office or at home.
When we calculate all the time of executive activities in a day, most of the time they spend in a vehicle, and this time comes with the risk.
When traveling by vehicle the executive is isolated, their location is constantly changing, and if there is a safety or security emergency, the only person that can assist the executive is the driver.


However, while the executive driver may be a symbol of corporate excess to some, from a business perspective it may be more practical than most other forms of non-wage compensation. In fact, when viewed through the lens  of corporate governance,providing an appropriately trained executive driver may just be elevated from something that is an attractive perk to a prerequisite for decreasing risk, increasing efficiency, fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities  and addressing duty of care issues.

For Business or Personal traveling, our reliable Security Drivers are at your service to meet any of your needs in a comfortable and professional manner.
Treat yourself, your family and your entourage with our luxury protective transportation service.
With a Luxury Vehicles and Protection Trained Drivers, Xtreme Security Transport is the principle choice for the Elite travel!
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We know you are not just an ordinary client! 
Luxury and perfection are the things that you value in every aspect and on what you put great importance. Your flawless taste, as well as a life full of success, leave others astonished. You know your goals exactly as well as the ways to reach them because compromises are not accepted.


The modern world is full of challenges for those who are ready to accept them. We are confident and are not afraid of competition because we know what we are capable of. 
We are 100% sure that we are the only one who provides this kind of service in Europe.


Respect for tradition and daring experiments, a passion for innovation, attention to detail and an individual concept as well as the professionalism of the individual team members.
We make it our priority to offer you a discrete, reliable and comfortable service!

Our Services

From a standard airport pickup or drop-off, to a complex secure and discrete VIP movement, whether it’s a trip from home to office, or transporting you and your valuables from one location to another, shuttles to congresses, festivals, and events or fair transfers up to several-day journeys abroad Xtreme Security Transport is available 24 hours a day!


Experience the ultimate bespoke airport transportation service to the special airports for a business flights and private air charter within entire Europe.
You need door to door services?
No problem, contact us at least 24 hours in advance and we would manage tarmac access and help you to book a flight through our partner. GLOBE AIR

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The safe and secure movement of high-value assets and individuals by road from one destination to another, without the benefit of a police escort, involves a unique and complex set of challenges which Xtreme Security have fine-tuned over the past 5 years.
We will securely transport diamonds, jewelry or any other high-value asset that requires special care. During 2016, we successfully planned and carried out high-value security escorts all the way French Riviera, including Monaco, within Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Luxemburg.

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Whether your company fleet consists of trucks, tractor-trailers, semis, rigs, vans or haulers, it could become a target of the growing population of professional thieves. We will escort your valuable cargo from the point at which it leaves your facility until the point it arrives at its destination.
By operating independently, our operatives keep the truck drivers operating to the standards your company specify. (i.e. no unscheduled stops or departures)
Tracking devices are optional and can be remotely monitored by both you as a client or any designated member of your staff.

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Messe Shuttle Services: Several major trade fairs are conducted in Munich all over the year. Our JetVans and Limousines are ideally suited for trade fair shuttle services, as one of our offices are situated directly by Messe exhibition center and our vehicles are reachable in 5-10  minutes from there.
*If you need any assistance at Messe München Exhibition Center or at ICM International Congress Center let us know. We have direct contact with exhibition organizers and with some of the executives from Messe Munich Gmbh, so we would be happy to point you in right direction.

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Shuttle service to Allianz Arena
Avoid crowds and experience the VIP treatment! Would you like to experience a Corporate and VIP Hospitality at the Allianz Arena? Would you like to enjoy a special FC Bayern Munich experience in an exclusive and intimate atmosphere?
Now you can make that dream a reality! Our security drivers can take you directly to the “Welcome Zone West” entrance and back. Through cooperation with Allianz Arena Management and partnership with one of the Worldwide Hospitality Group, we can manage VIP Tickets, even the event are sold out already.

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The Munich is the gate to some of the famous alpine resorts in the World. All of our vehicles are fully equipped for a snow and with Thule Ski racks for cars if necessary (available on additional cost).
One of our security drivers is also and a licensed SKI Instructor, so if you are planning to take some classes at SKI Resorts, think about hiring our security professional and save some money.
Contact us if you need a security driver, personal protection operative and ski instructor in one person.

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Our personable and professional security drivers will drive you to your business meetings, and transport you to and from any social or special event. Arrive at your business meetings on time and in style! But, when we say personable that does not refer only to you, it refers to all of your family.

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Special Tours are tours organized through our partners, tourist agencies, private event organizers of bespoke Gastronomic Experiences, Luxury River Cruise Tours, etc.

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In cooperation with our partner, a tourist agency in Munich, we can organize a private torus around Munich together with your own private tourist-guide for sightseeing and visiting famous museums and galleries, parks and gardens, palaces and modern business centers such as Nymphenburg Palace. Munich Residenz, Art Museums in the Kunstareal District, Cuvilliés Theater, BMW Mueseum, Deutsches Museum, English Garden, Olympic Park, etc.

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What about pricing?

Taking into consideration our luxury vehicles, our operatives and what we offer extra into our transportation service, we can say that the difference between our service and standard taxi services is huge! However the difference between prices are insignificant. Check for yourself, we don't have any hidden costs.
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We realize that you may be traveling with members of your family or more companions, so we are capable to provide transportation service to parties containing multiple members too. 
We can plan your mode of travel whether you prefer a standard vehicle, Limousine, JetVan or Minibus.

Need other vehicles and options?

No worry, check more vehicles available, and contact us so we can discuss more about it.
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