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Extras and Add-ons

Extras and Add-ons

On the last step of booking procedure you can add extras bellow

High-quality concierge service is a core component of luxury travel and you can rest assured that we rise to such a standard.

Upon stepping into one of our vehicles you will be embraced with an opulent interior and refreshments to suit every taste. Our wide array of beverage options allows customers to experience and taste luxury, all while being safely transported to their desired destination.

The refreshment options we offer span the spectrum of local wines to well-known high-class champaigns. Some of our more notable alcoholic beverages include:

  • Möet & Chandon
  • Hennesy X.O and an ice bucket
  • Neptune Gold Barbados Rum
  • Premier Cru Champaign Selection. Paul Charpentier
  • Iconic Sally’s Paddock Wine 2013
  • Eden Mill Single Malt Whisky 2019 (limited release)
  • Ruinart R De Ruinart Chanpaigne
  • Veuve Clicquot Rose with a mesh ice jacket
  • Belvedere Vodka Bespoke Silver Saber Magnum 1.5L
    *Customise it with names, dates and messages to ensure your limited-edition bottle stands out.

The list of world-renowned wines and spirits we offer even includes customizable options, such as Belvedere Vodka in a personalized, laser-cut, silver saber. The options are limitless, with some drinks being available during transit and others being available as a preordered option.

XS Travel Management Concierge service is also proudly serving premium local wines in partnership with Brad’s Wines and Mitton International Wines. We believe that offering small vineyard produced wine provides our passengers with the chance to taste something uniquely delightful. Brad’s Wines and Mitton International Wines ensure a memorable experience with every sip by providing hand-selected boutique wines from across the globe. The wines they offer are constantly changing with the seasons, as well as the discovery of new high-quality vineyards.

This provides our customers with the opportunity to enjoy a diverse palette of wines or request any beverage they have previously enjoyed from either of these renowned wine merchants. If you are looking to enhance your experience, then local wines are a wonderful way to get a taste of the world as you travel through it in our vehicles. Our partnerships ensure that the wine we serve turns every experience with our company into something remarkable.

Our drivers provide so much more than a means of transportation. They are also trained to provide respectful and prompt service when it comes to serving beverages and preparing the vehicle for their passengers. Their concierge service is held to the highest standards to establish the luxury treatment your customers deserve.

Each vehicle can be customized with flowers, drinks, brochures, and other personalized items prior to picking up customers. Style and quality are prioritized in the preparation of each vehicle to ensure that passengers are met with a means of transportation that leaves them pleasantly surprised.

If you are in need of transport that is child friendly, don’t worry. We provide beverage options outside of wine and spirits as well. Soft drinks and waters are always available and do not require an extra fee. There is also the option to have a child seat added to any vehicle to ensure the safety of young children during travel. With all of the amenities we offer, every passenger can have a safe and memorable experience, from adults enjoying a glass of wine to children enjoying a sip of soda.

It is our pleasure to provide a luxury concierge service to all who experience our service.

Moët & Chandon, Krug, Veuve Clicquot, Hennessy and Château d’Yquem are just some of the world-renowned LVMH wines and spirits brands that have become synonymous with the most prestigious origins and terroirs.

Some of their brand products you can order when booking the ride or in transit.

If you need more details about their products, please visit their website. If there is anything you wish but it’s not listed in our ADDs, contact us and we would manage it.
We strive that our performance leaves a lasting impression on you!

Mitton International Wines

Mitton International Wines is a dynamic trading company importing and distributing boutique Argentinean, Australian, New Zealand and South African wines to leading hotels, private clubs and international restaurants across Continental Europe. Our specialist and boutique wine selection is regionally diverse and all of the wineries are family-owned and small producers. Owner and founder Bradley Mitton has developed the company since 2002 and has gained an excellent reputation in Europe’s luxury food and beverage sector. With event partner Club Vivanova, we run gourmet events in conjunction with our five-star hotel and gastronomy partners to build relationships between private and trade clients whilst showcasing our excellent wines.

With over 25 years of professional experience in the wine industry, Brad Mitton imports selected international wines for leading sommeliers in Central Europe. He is based in the South of France and travels throughout Europe marketing his company and running gourmet events with Club Vivanova.

We like Brads approach to work with small, family-owned wineries because, like he said;
“they produce the best value wines that you can find. These wines are hand-crafted – they have a story about where they are from and how they are made. “



Baby car seat for children aged 0-36 months


A bouquet of seasonal flowers prepared by a local florist


The Silver Saber is a laser-cut metallic magnum containing Belvedere’s signature vodka. Customise it with names, dates and messages to ensure your limited-edition bottle stands out.


This limited edition gift set is ideal for lovers of cognac perfecting their experience of X.O on ice. Encasing a bottle of X.O, this striking gift box also serves as an ice bucket, and comes with a detachable luminous pad to hold your bottle as well as a pair of tongs.


Aged in American bourbon oak casks, Neptune Rum Gold is an exceptional rum with over 65 awards globally and counting. Last year in USA Spirits Ratings, Neptune Rum Gold was named “Rum of the Year” which shows how amazing this rum is.


Prestige 2012 Vintage,
An excellent Champagne house and partnered with Club Vivanova, Vincent Charpentier continues the legacy of his father Paul, trained from his youth in the vineyard, maintaining the family business, producing hand-made and world-class Champagnes.


The Sally’s Paddock vineyard grows modest crops of exceptional quality Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc and Merlot which are hand-picked at optimum balance, small batch fermented with wild yeast, hand-punched and basket-pressed all in the old Australian way.

EDEN MILL SINGLE MALT WHISKY 2019 Limited Release (3000 bottles production)€100.00

2019 Release Single Malt is the ideal gift or collector’s item alongside their 2018 Release. There will be only 3,000 bottles of this special liquid bottled.


From the first established champagne maison, R de Ruinart Brut is the primary expression of the maison’s signature crisp, floral style. Chardonnay shines through with a forceful radiance.


To keep your bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rosé cool, encase it in this new mesh and jersey ice jacket, with elegant metallic accents and a convenient handle for transporting or serving your champagne.
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