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Personal Driving and Security Service Combined in One

In the past you would have to hire two separate businesses to fulfil both needs but now, you only need one!

XS Travel Management

Specialized in Corporate Transportation & Travel Security!

Don’t Be Burdened With Inconsistent And Low-Quality Services

Many companies do not deliver on their promises of premium high-class transportation services, but you are probably all too familiar with this issue.

You are much more than a passenger, which is why our chauffeurs have been trained as more than drivers. When you hire our services, we prioritize your personalized needs including needs related to daily activities, luxury preferences, and protection outside of general transportation if necessary.






We are focused on quality and highly satisfied customers, not quantity and one-time service!



Stop Wasting Your Money On Unprofessional

Transportation Services That Tarnish Your Reputation.

If you have dealt with unprofessional chauffeurs who are uncomfortably nosey and lack proper social dynamics, then you have every right to be frustrated.

With every failed promise of a high-class travel experience, your faith in finding a trustworthy limousine service has dwindled and now you may feel lost. The truth is, those companies do not have insight into the meaning of true luxury and the executive lifestyle, so they hide their inexperience behind empty promises and automated services.

Full transparency means you won’t have to worry about being tricked by false claims or being embarrassed by unqualified chauffeurs who create a bad reputation for your brand. With experience transporting various elite politicians, dignitaries, celebrities, some of the Fortune 500 company CEOs from Europe, we are deeply familiar with the true meaning of luxury and safe travel.

Your Transportation Should Be
A Luxury Experience, Not a Burden.

When we say there is 24/7 personalized support available to our clients at all times, we mean it, unlike many limousine & chauffeur services that only offer automated robotic customer service and they function without any supervising control, which leaves a great amount of room for error.

Your personal experience matters, which is why you will always be contacted from a trained individual on our team to discuss your travel needs after your booking.

Your Transportation Should Be A Luxury Experience,Not a Burden.

Are You Tired Of Generic Transportation Experiences That Lack Professionalism & Customizability?

If you require personal driving and bodyguard services, you should consider combining the two by hiring a personal security driver also known as driver bodyguard. Having executive driver / personal driver, bodyguard, personal assistant and even residential security guard all in one (if you go with monthly option), is the best way to stay safe and maintain efficiency.

When we say personal that does not refer only to you, it refers to all your family.
Our security drivers has been trained for executive protection services, first aid, have experience with personal assistant duties, and they are child-care qualified and could be trusted as a ‘safe pairs of hands’ to provide unwavering support to your family in any kind of emergency.

Many security companies provide these options separately, but when you work with us each service will be provided by one professional individual. This means your driver will come to better understand your needs and be able to provide a comprehensive service to meet all of your requests.

Some other companies provide all three of these services separately, meaning that you must hire three different people to fulfil your needs, and pay more than double.

With us, all services are provided by the same person. The benefit of this is that your driver will get to know you and your requirements, helping provide a comprehensive service and ensuring that all your requests are efficiently met.

Other Companies Value Sales While We Value Service

Sale is our byproduct.
Our true goal is to create long-term cooperation with our raving fans, and we see it as our duty to bring value to your organization through the delivery of high-end services.

With XS travel management, your transportation experience will be definitely different.
We offer:

  • Security Drivers
    Security Drivers are permanent members of staff. Drivers with security background.
  • Executive Drivers
    Their duties would consist of driving clients to and from their residence and/or place of work during business and leisure. Drivers without security background.
  • Service across all of Europe with a guarantee on the vehicle, standard, and the services you choose regardless of where you are located.
  • Fixed prices, so you never have to worry about hidden fees.
  • No limit on mileage, so your transportation experience is never cut short.
  • 24/7 personalized support from our professionals to ensure that your trip is worry free.
  • An easy-to-use 60 second booking process on our sight or our mobile app that has been created to save you time.


Despite our range of service across the entirety of Europe we are able to ensure the exact model of vehicle because we use only three type of vehicles always, so you know exactly what to expect when you book a limousine & chauffeur service.

Our fleet of vehicles is the same in every corner of Europe, and it includes.

● Mercedes S Class, (Black Color)

● Audi A8, (Black Color)

● BMW 7, (Black Color)

● Mercedes V Class, (Black Color)

Why Use Our Services? Why Not!

You Are Guaranteed To Have A More Valuable Experience At The Same Cost As An Average Limousine & Chauffeur Service.

Our drivers are paid on a salary basis, and unlike many other limousine & chauffeur service companies, they are not limited to driving you around. The cost of your service will not change regardless of what you have asked your driver to assist you with, so you might as well make the most out of this service! We will work with you to provide a service fully customized to your needs and circumstances, from whether you want your driver to dress a particular way to whether you want specific magazines, newspaper, coffee in your vehicle.

You don’t need to worry about paying our drivers for sitting in the car while waiting for you or running errands, like driving kids to school or taking family members to a doctor’s appointment. It makes no difference to XS Travel Management nor our drivers. They will do anything related to the safety and transportation of your peer group and loved ones..

Your driver can follow you on foot for added protection and even carry your bags for you, all free of any extra charge!

Limited Availability!

Book Today To Reserve
A Security Driver / Driver Bodyguard.

We would love to provide luxury transportation to every executive client who requires high-end limousine & chauffer service. However, our services are limited due to the number of executive and security drivers and vehicles in our fleet. Our services are based on quality, not quantity, so our exclusivity is unlikely to change.

We provide our services to clients on a first come first serve basis, so if you are looking for a security trained chauffeur it is in your best interest to book your service sooner rather than later.

We also provide additional 40% discount if our service is booked for a minimum of 30 days!

*Booking is only available at a minimum of 24 hours in advance. There is no same day booking.
You can contact us through our website or phone number if you have any further questions.

It Only Takes 60 Seconds To Book Your Hassle-Free Executive Transportation Service.

With our 60 second booking process, which is free of registration requirements and hidden costs, we intend to maximize the impact of every second you spend with us. Our pricing is built to be clear and comprehensive so you can enjoy limousine & chauffeur service without the concern of unexpected fees.



10 hours

Package worth 2.500 € (according to our usual hourly rate – 250,00 €)

  • An Executive Driver
  • 10 hours of personalized service daily
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Complimentary fresh fruit, candy, coffee, water, and soft drinks
  • Tolls, parking tickets, vignette, and similar expenses are included in this price
  • FUEL included



30 Days

Package worth 45.000 € (according to discounted daily rate– 1.500 €)

  • A Security Driver
    (Trained in Executive Protection, also known as a Bodyguard)
  • 24/7 availability (on-call service)
  • A Personal Travel Manager (online)
  • 10 hours of personalized service daily
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Complimentary fresh fruit, candy, coffee, water, and soft drinks
  • Tolls, parking tickets, vignette, and similar expenses are included in this price
  • FUEL included
  • Accommodation, close to your residence – included

Handle Your Executive Transportation Needs With Ease Through Our Mobile App

*After your first order here, you will be able to make future orders through our MOBILE APP.

Service Availability

Amsterdam Athens Barcelona Berlin
Brussels Budapest Cannes Copenhagen
Davos Dubrovnik Düsseldorf Faro
Frankfurt Geneva Hamburg Helsinki
Ibiza Istanbul Lisbon Madeira
Madrid Mallorca Marbella Milan
Monaco Munich Oslo Paris
Prague Riga Rome Sardinia
Stockholm St. Tropez Tenerife Tivat
Vienna Warsaw Zagreb Zurich

*For service in other cities please contact us.



The first thing you need to consider is how much money is being spent on rental cars that are ultimately sitting in a parking garage for hours on end without being driven. For most corporate travelers, a car is only needed once or twice a day and could easily be replaced with a private car service that defrays the cost between multiple employees.


One area that companies should really focus on is how much they are spending to reimburse employees who drive their own cars to the airport and on long range trips. Airport parking can cost €25 a day or more, and daily parking fees on location can add up even faster. These little fees nickel and dime your company almost imperceptibly. With a private car service you will completely avoid parking costs, and any shuttle fees that may come about when employees are forced to park far away from their destination and ride into town.


Perhaps the most unpredictable piece of the corporate travel equation is fuel reimbursements. In the last decade, we’ve seen gas prices surge and dip drastically, making the price of travel double or triple in a matter of days. For companies that are reimbursing fuel costs, this can become a real problem. The benefit of a private car service is that the cost of the ride is set up front and will not fluctuate as gas prices shift up and down. This will help you cut corporate travel costs by offering more transparency and predictability.


Finally, we must account for the opportunity cost of lost time when your employees are sitting behind the wheel. In reality, employees are often willing to work from the back seat, taking calls and making notes, if they don’t have to worry about driving themselves.


How many times were you on a business trip and waited for a cab at the airport for a long before one finally arrived, and then the driver ‘got lost’ (let’s be real, they do that on purpose most of the time) and charged you an large amount of money?


Not in the mood for a chatty driver after long busy day or flight?
Aside from offering a greeting when our clients hop in and confirming their desired route, the driver will not speak to them unless he is spoken to (excepting, of course, emergency situations where communication is critical).
The goal is creating an in-car atmosphere that provides the most comfortable ride for passengers and to let passengers who wish to enjoy the ride in silence do so.


Being on time means everything in the world of business and hiring a limo will ensure you’re on time wherever you go. On the other hand, there’s cabs, for which there’s no guarantee they’ll even be an available one at the airport. Also, once they pick you up, they might take advantage of the chance that you’re here on a business trip, drive you around to increase the taximeter and make you be late.


Aside from safety and efficiency, this might be the most frequent reason people are hiring a limo.
A couple will hire one to leave a lasting impression as they drive away from the wedding, a student will rent one to impress their prom date, but when speaking about business, it’s all about showing that you know how to ride in style. Let’s admit, there’s a few things in life as satisfying as pulling up in a fancy car, especially if you have a chauffeur. Plus, it leaves an impression that you are serious and mean business.


Did your tablet or laptop battery get drained while you were working or watching your favorite show on your flight? Fret not, because most limos come equipped with the latest technology to make your life better and easier. They have AC, chargers, smart TVs, free WiFi and small refrigerators with refreshments.
All in all, limo service has become largely available to everyone and is used for many events. Renting a limo over a cab has a small price difference and is largely more convenient, efficient and safe. Not to mention comfort and all the space that comes with it (especially our Jet Vans).

Is your next business trip coming up?

Personal Driving and Security Services is your lifestyle service.
Don’t accept any less of what you deserve!


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