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Personal Driving Services was created to provide HNWI with the highest levels of Driving Services and act as a premier facilitator of Domestic and International travel.
The vision was to create a world-class travel service with luxury, privacy, and personalization.

If you require a premium, efficient, reliable and discreet personable driving and security service you should think about hiring your personal security driver who will act also as your bodyguard when following you when he is not driving, and as a residential security guard when you are at the residence.

When we say personable that does not refer only to you, it refers to all your family.
Our security professionals who are also First Aid-Child Care qualified, could be trusted as a ‘safe pairs of hands’ to provide unwavering support to your family in any kind of emergency.
Our personable driven services include different types of personal concierge service (on additional charge), as for example educational nannies in homes or on the road to provide personalized childcare and educational services.



The security driver employs a broad skillset that combines evasive and defensive driving training, vehicle safety inspection and foot patrol and surveillance. Duties may include, but are not limited to, vehicle patrol of exterior areas of given locations, foot patrol of interior/exterior areas of given locations, surveillance and reporting any suspicious activities, proactive response to any emergency situation, enforcement of procedures and rules for the safe transportation and well-being of the principal.
When security driver is on a stand by, he can act as a Residential Security Officer at your residence.
He can monitor your house, patrol around the property, react if any alarm goes on, or if he notices some suspicious movements around your property.

For more info check our FAQ.

Why choose our personal driving service?
You may be thinking why you should choose XS Travel Management, and how we will help you and your business.
Here are some of the reasons why our personal driving service is the ultimate choice for security and luxury.

You will have peace of mind, wherever you are:
You want to ensure that you and your family are safe, especially if you are in a part of the world you don’t know very well or have an emergency situation.
All our drivers have years of military, police or private security experience and are members of the International Security Driver Association (ISDA).
They are also first aid trained, ensuring that if something happens, they will keep you and your family in safe hands.

A service that is as unique as you are:
We will work with you to provide a service fully customized to your needs and circumstances, from whether you want your driver to dress a particular way to whether you want specific magazines, newspaper, coffee in your vehicle.
We can also provide you with a concierge, personal assistant or nanny to give you additional support and help you maximize the valuable time you have.

We believe in clear and comprehensive pricing for every single one of our clients.
Accommodation and food for our driver is not included in this price.
However, you have opportunity to use our transportation service with unlimited mileage.
Fuel, parking tickets, toll roads are included in the price of our service.
We provide complimentary fruit, water, coffee, soft drinks and candy in our vehicles, which we replenish daily.
As a bonus, if you book our services for a minimum of 30 days, we will be delighted to give you a 50% discount.

A driver who fully understands your needs:
Some similar companies provide all three of these services separately, meaning that you must hire three different people to fulfil your needs.
With us, all services are provided by the same person. The benefit of this is that your driver will get to know you and your requirements, helping provide a comprehensive service and ensuring that all your requests are efficiently met.

Find out more about our services
We offer a range of transportation services to suit all need and budgets.
Get in touch by phone or email to find out more about how we can provide you with a world-class service.



Security Driver


Residential Security Guar


30 Days
Unlimited km

(Package worth 45 000 €)

By ordering a minimum 30 days of our secure transportation service, you will get 40% discount according to our standard daily rate (1.500€ per day).

-Security Driver (Executive Protection Specialist)

-24/7 availability (on call), 10 hours daily (max.)

-MERCEDES S class (according to offered price)

-Tolls, parking tickets, vignette, and similar expenses are incl. in price

-FUEL is included in price


-Personal Travel Manager (online)

-Free fruit, candy’s, coffee, water and soft drinks placed in a vehicle, on a daily basis

-5% discount on all our ADDs

* Service is available with another vehicles as well (on additional cost)

There are many reasons that a private driver is key to helping you cut corporate travel costs.
As you assess your travel expenses this year, make sure that you are considering all four of these factors to determine how much you could be saving.


The first thing you need to consider is how much money is being spent on rental cars that are ultimately sitting in a parking garage for hours on end without being driven. For most corporate travelers, a car is only needed once or twice a day and could easily be replaced with a private car service that defrays the cost between multiple employees.


One area that companies should really focus on is how much they are spending to reimburse employees who drive their own cars to the airport and on long range trips. Airport parking can cost €25 a day or more, and daily parking fees on location can add up even faster. These little fees nickel and dime your company almost imperceptibly. With a private car service you will completely avoid parking costs, and any shuttle fees that may come about when employees are forced to park far away from their destination and ride into town.


Perhaps the most unpredictable piece of the corporate travel equation is fuel reimbursements. In the last decade, we’ve seen gas prices surge and dip drastically, making the price of travel double or triple in a matter of days. For companies that are reimbursing fuel costs, this can become a real problem. The benefit of a private car service is that the cost of the ride is set up front and will not fluctuate as gas prices shift up and down. This will help you cut corporate travel costs by offering more transparency and predictability.


Finally, we must account for the opportunity cost of lost time when your employees are sitting behind the wheel. In reality, employees are often willing to work from the back seat, taking calls and making notes, if they don’t have to worry about driving themselves.


How many times were you on a business trip and waited for a cab at the airport for a long before one finally arrived, and then the driver ‘got lost’ (let’s be real, they do that on purpose most of the time) and charged you an large amount of money?

Maybe this list of limo advantages will help you make your decision:


Not in the mood for a chatty driver after long busy day or flight?
Aside from offering a greeting when our clients hop in and confirming their desired route, the driver will not speak to them unless he is spoken to (excepting, of course, emergency situations where communication is critical).
The goal is creating an in-car atmosphere that provides the most comfortable ride for passengers and to let passengers who wish to enjoy the ride in silence do so.


Being on time means everything in the world of business and hiring a limo will ensure you’re on time wherever you go. On the other hand, there’s cabs, for which there’s no guarantee they’ll even be an available one at the airport. Also, once they pick you up, they might take advantage of the chance that you’re here on a business trip, drive you around to increase the taximeter and make you be late.


Aside from safety and efficiency, this might be the most frequent reason people are hiring a limo.
A couple will hire one to leave a lasting impression as they drive away from the wedding, a student will rent one to impress their prom date, but when speaking about business, it’s all about showing that you know how to ride in style. Let’s admit, there’s a few things in life as satisfying as pulling up in a fancy car, especially if you have a chauffeur. Plus, it leaves an impression that you are serious and mean business.


Did your tablet or laptop battery get drained while you were working or watching your favorite show on your flight? Fret not, because most limos come equipped with the latest technology to make your life better and easier. They have AC, chargers, smart TVs, free WiFi and small refrigerators with refreshments.
All in all, limo service has become largely available to everyone and is used for many events. Renting a limo over a cab has a small price difference and is largely more convenient, efficient and safe. Not to mention comfort and all the space that comes with it (especially our Jet Vans).

Is your next business trip coming up?

Personal Driving and Security Services is your lifestyle service.
Don’t accept any less of what you deserve!


Start cutting costs now!
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