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Please read this page carefully. If you do not accept the terms of service expressed here, do not use this web site or our services. By using this web site and our service, you expressly agree to be bound by the terms set forth herein.

Airport Transfer Rates

The XS provides a flat rate, known as the Airport Transfer rate for airport pickups and drop-offs servicing airports within Bayern Region. The Basic Airport Transfer rate is based upon a pickup and drop-off without any associated delay or waiting time exceeding twenty (20) minutes. XS is not responsible for any delays caused by the airlines.

(Hourly) Rates

For travel between locations other than to/from airports, the Company utilizes its As Hourly rate which is based on the Company’s prevailing hourly rate with a two (2) or four (4) hour minimum charge.
Travel time begins when enter the vehicle, till he leaves the vehicle at the end of the journey.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours’ notice, and advance payment prior to the scheduled pickup time in order to prepare ourselves and vehicle for the task. If a Traveler cancels their booking less than 24 hours before scheduled pick up time, the cancelation is non-refundable, but the chauffeur (security driver) hourly or day rate (depend about service you booked) will be calculated and reduced from total charged price.

No Show Charges

No Show charges will apply in the event the Client fails to call our office before leaving the scheduled pickup location. This charge also applies if Client fails to cancel the reservation and the Chauffeur is dispatched. If Client is unable to locate their Chauffeur for any reason, Client should immediately contact the Company at +49 (0) 15219398540, 24 hours a day/ seven days a week. Our office will contact our driver to and facilitate a meeting point.

Service Rates

Rates, terms, & conditions are subject to change without prior notification. Special rates, extended minimums and alternate cancellation policies may apply on special event days.

Baggage and Other Property Transported

The Company does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the handling or maintenance of any baggage, parcels or other property if that’s not the part of the booked services ( i.e. cargo escort, or high value asset secure transportation). Baggage and all other personal property will be handled only at Clients own risk.

Objectionable Persons

The Company reserves the right to refuse to transport persons under the influence of intoxication liquor or drugs, or who are, or are likely to become objectionable to other persons or if the Chauffeur feels threatened in any way.

Conduct of Passengers

Client shall not interfere with the Chauffeur in the discharge of his/her duty or tamper with any apparatus or appliance on the vehicle.

Prohibition of Weapons, Explosives, Oxygen, and other…

Weapons of any type, including loaded firearms, knives or other sharp objects, are strictly forbidden in passenger area of vehicle and must be stowed in luggage compartment at all times.
Transportation of explosives, fireworks and other flammable, combustible, toxic or otherwise dangerous material or items are also strictly forbidden, even if intended to be transported in the baggage compartment of the vehicle.
If previously approved by the Company, oxygen for medical use is permitted, but is so used at the sole responsibility of the Client.

Unusual Cleaning

If, during or after the transportation service, the Company is required to expend a greater than normal amount of time and material to clean the vehicle due to acts of the Client, the company, at its option, may charge Client additional fees to cover such additional time and materials.

Force Majeure

The Company shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performing its obligations under the Service Contract, and the Company shall not be deemed in breach of its obligations thereunder, if such failure or delay is due to Acts of God, natural disasters, national, state or local states of emergency, acts of war or terrorism, labor strike or lock-out, or other industrial or transportation accident caused by any third party, any violation of law, regulation or ordinance by any third party or any other cause not within the control of the Company.

Entire Agreement

These Policy and Terms, along with the Application for Corporate Credit and the Terms and Conditions listed on the Xtreme Security web-site, constitute the Service Contract which is the entire agreement between the Company and Client and supersedes any and all other agreements, either oral or written with respect to the subject matter hereof. If any provision of the Service Contract shall be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

Governing Law

This Agreement and its performance shall be governed by the laws of the State of Bayern, Germany, without giving effect to applicable conflict of law provisions.
Arbitration – In the event a dispute shall arise between the parties to this agreement it hereby agreed that the dispute shall be referred to the Germany Arbitration Association for three-person arbitration in accordance with its applicable Rules of Arbitration. The arbitrator’s decision shall be final and legally binding, and judgment may be entered thereon. Each party shall be responsible for its share of the arbitration fees. In the event a party fails to proceed with arbitration, unsuccessfully challenges the arbitrator’s award or fails to comply with the arbitrator’s award, the other party is entitled to costs of suit, including a reasonable attorneys fee for having to compel arbitration or defend or enforce the award.
Termination – If Client does not conform to the conditions stated in the Service Contract, the contract with Client will be terminated with immediate effect without warning or written notice, and the payment made will be retained by the company.


No agent, employee or representative of the Xtreme Security is authorized to alter, modify or waive requirements stated in the conditions of transportation or service.

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